Our mission is to provide clients with fully integrated engineering systems. To this end we provide a comprehensive service from start to finish. From developing and designing projects to ordering equipment, providing materials, to completing fully integrated systems and turnkey projects.

Regardless of the complexity and location of the project and in the safe hands of our specialized team we are able to take on any project from start to finish: cabling, IDF, RACS, Networking, VLANS design, etc …

Infrastructure Services - networking


Closed Circuit Television or CCTV, is a video surveillance technology designed to monitor a variety of environments and activities.

BMS system

Consists of both software and hardware, it is used to manage equipment related to building safety and services.


Wi-Fi-enabled devices are able to connect to the internet both indoor and outdoor through one or several wireless network access points.

KNX control

KNX is an OSI-based communication network protocol (ISO / IEC 14543) standard for intelligent buildings (home automation and central control).

Corporate data

Repository systems for corporate and business data, set into internal networks and extranet on a common networking base.


IP television protocol is based on video-streaming, it offers many more channels along with higher definition than satellite TV or cable.


A firewall is part of a system or network designed to block unauthorized access whilst allowing authorized communications.


Without the need for a traditional telephone line they allow voice calls by using an establishments data network and your internet connection.


Public address, intercom and sound systems in commercial, public and hospitality facilities, set into the networks infrastructure.

Access control

Communication and mechanism protocols through which several devices share a common transmission medium.


Mechanism and communication protocols through which several devices share a common transmission medium.


Incompletion of the project we offer a full maintenance service for all installed systems. From head office we can monitor systems regardless of their location. Daily checks allow us to analyze how the systems are running avoiding possible problems or contacting technical services offering on the spot solutions.

The aim of maintenance is to gain maximum performance from the equipment, ensuring efficiency and stability. Correct maintenance not only prolongs the life of installations but

guarantees the smooth running and comfort these systems offer.

Another possibility included in our maintenance service is to actually provide you with your own monitoring equipment along with comprehensive staff training allowing you to make your own checks and analysis.