At Arki we have a close working relationship with all our clients offering not only technical solutions but on the ground back up.

We provide highly specialized teams wherever we work. Professionals that don’t blink an eye when faced with adverse conditions - as experience has shown rain, wind, and muddy terrain, who work around problems to finish the job at hand.

Our staff around the world are fully trained and qualified to complete jobs to the highest level. In any of the countries we’ve worked the necessary equipment and personnel have been sent if needed. In addition we train technicians locally to ensure clients have local back up support.
Setting up communication networks, assembly of wires, integrating different systems, the whole project is executed to perfection from start to finish and delivered up and running.



Management team

Jaume Serra

CEO of Arki International

Santiago López Burruezo

Operational Director for Arki International

Jaume Serra is a founding partner of Arki. From a humble background he studied Telecommunication Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, thanks to a significant grant from the Juan March Foundation and parental support.

After finishing his degree he began to work and specialise in telecommunications within the hospitality industry in Mallorca.

With over 30 years experience tucked under his belt, Jaume has lived through the technological revolution, giving him a deeply unique insight of this sector.

Possessing an innovative spirit he remains keen to improve on each and every project applying the latest technology. This has led to Arki being at the forefront of global integrated solutions and applications within the hospitality industry.

Jaume is a perfectionist and his meticulous attention to detail plays an important role in the success of each project.

Santiago López is a co-founder and partner of Arki with years of experience in the hotel industry and applied engineering. He is head of Arki International operations.

Based in Cancun for over 10 years, he oversees and organises projects in America and the Caribbean. This enables Arki to provide a homebase service in this area of the world along with ensuring all local staff are trained and qualified in their specialized areas.